Montag, 13. April 2015

First month in Poland

In the evening, the absolute highlight. I am again with Anna and Hanna above (maybe I summarize the two soon together as (H ) Anna. The also need help for the internet and here comes the Sven. And Sven brings the thing actually working. And indeed he is then also still with me down and brings Kasia and my internet for the course. Anna has to exchange money, I just want to town. Your buddy Asia brings us to the main train station and then tells us how to get to the old town. Anna and me walk but first by“ Zloty Tarasy“ - a shopping center. It's incredible, can exist in one spot how many stores. A paradise for every woman! And finally I get my first pierogi... wow... Poland is already beautiful. At the same time Anna and I finished but already again. Warsaw creates one, and it all feels so incredibly strange to.
Now in the old town. Asia has us really explains where we have to go. Hmmm... you need to know: In Warsaw there is a really glaring at the main station underground system with lots of small shops and outputs. And how could it be... Anna and I did not find the exit. We then take one of the many. Unfortunately we are now out there and still have no idea where we have to go.
Anna's map has to serve similar to Ferry Dover Dunkirk schedule. Granted... the best city plan gutters understand we are not. We finally have the hang of it. And start running. It is relatively cold today. Anna is not well again. You can tell right that she has it all differently. I've actually already presented it to me something like that. Just that I would feel so terribly strange here... I had not expected.
On the way then comes the question: Why do we run into the old town? First, it determines also the tram and secondly, why at all? What for? The not going anywhere, maybe we should first take care of pots and such stuff. But where the hell do you get really pots? In Berlin, we would go to Ikea or the one-euro - shop.
But where in Warsaw? Anna and I break down the aisle to the old town and make our way back to the Carrefour in Zloty Tarasy like on Ferry Dover Calais discount. We also find the tram and then we find the entrance to the underground system. Only the correct output, we do not find, unfortunately. So we leave the ground again to orient us in the air. Cross- over, we see the mall. Pedestrian traffic lights there are not, the pedestrian underground to find their way. So we beat down halfway the correct direction. After we again come up short, to check our location we also find, in fact, the correct output to the mall.
Once we have now stocked up it goes back to the first Sabinki. Half of the dishes are still missing. And clever as I now have a pot, but nothing I could do inside. And I have a knife, but nothing I could cut or lubricate it. But what is much worse, I'm sitting here in my room and this damn internet still does not work! I want to write my parents that everything is chic. I want to write Nico that everything is chic. I want to apologize to Linda again for the lost Bolero. I want my brother to send a Skype instructions and seek with my sister if her Skype works, but this stupid internet does not want to just run! And no one can tell me why!

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