Dienstag, 31. März 2015

First time in the cathedral

That night we slept wonderfully quiet to 07:00 clock. Philip did not want to get up and so are Olli and I go for a vegetable at 08.00 clock. As described in the book, there was a steep rise in the first pass. It was cool to go wet and not good. The feet still gave me problems. The additional weight of the rucksack pressed.
Also, additional patch on the problem areas brought no relief. I was thinking about buying new shoes at the earliest opportunity. The attenuation of the Meindl shoes could be a little better, or the outsole would be firmer and protect against the pressure of small stones. Throughout the day it got a bit better. After a pause, the start was always very tedious.
At 09.00 clock we were in Azofra and had breakfast. Dos CCL, una pequeno bocadillo con queso y tomato y una bocadillo pequeno con marmelada. This has been going quite smoothly from the lips and is also understood. But the cheese roll was a baguette. Do not worry. The lady in the bar had a good deal to do, because not only pilgrims had breakfast.
The way was very difficult soggy and mushy. At Rollo de Azofra a funny pilgrim from Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam carhas his old shoes left. Also a kind of disposal option. Santo Domingo de la Calzada Until we had to cope with two passports and additionally the gently undulating landscape. But this was also a very nice environment. In Santo Domingo, the pilgrim character is incorporated even into the street drain.
Once there we went with Peregrino travels with good Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg in the cathedral and looked at the chicken coop. The cock crowed and that is to bring the pilgrims on the way forward luck. Let's see.
At the break we ate tomatoes and bread, talked with Martin, Ronny and Lanette and pulled the leg warmers again. Behind Santo Domingo, the mussels were of gold suddenly to the concrete piers. Each region vies probably the most beautiful pilgrimage characters. Then it was a bit warmer and at times also came out the sun. At about 15:00 clock we were in Granon where we met Andre. He had already reached his daily quota, already checked in and showered. Occupied in the village bar, quite dark and only by old men, we had a CCL and a gift of cake. The hostess was thrilled that we wanted to go further.
The limit of Rioja at the Uni Burgos was announced to us with a sign from afar. After about an hour we met Christian Mühlenthaler. With it, we are the last stretch to Redecilla de Camino gone together. He is a teacher and always goes in stages, in free times from home, Voting village in the Canton of Bern, to Santiago. He had his 56 hiking. During his breaks, even on the road, he paints in addition to his diary entries small watercolor paintings in his book. I have also photographed him with Olli and his image of Redecilla.
After checking into the hostel of the parish there was only cold water for showering. The gas boiler was not designed for the onslaught. The accommodation was but ok. There was a bar in the house, and the night and the dinner offered, was offered by the ladies of the parish donation. We chose our menu and were entered for 19.30 clock. Philip also appeared, and so we agreed with him and Christian on a table.

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