Montag, 23. März 2015

History trip to the Institute

His name was Nikolai Iwanowitsch Wawilow. Was called, because he's already a little dead. This man had an idea that could lead to that once the world not to starve. He has already saved individual countries, Russia does not belong to. Otherwise you would thank him his merits perhaps more.
Nikolai Wawilow - Vavilov was a biologist. Botanist, to be more precise. His passion was the crops whose seeds he collected and preserved all over the world. To save the world. But how to save the world with hundreds of thousands became filled with plant seeds? In the Ferry Liverpool Dublin discount I read a report about it.
An example. We feed us to the oversized part of only a handful of crops. Four, to be exact. Rice, wheat, soy and corn to feed the world. What is, if something happens to the wheat? What is, if for some reason, dropped the wheat, provides at least nearly 20% of the world's consumed calories? Would that be a problem? Vavilov thought so. And began to collect. Not just wheat. All staple crops, which he finds could.
On all five continents. He was a son of wealthy parents could pay perhaps himself his travels Maybe there was also a higher science budget with more travel resources to his times. How he financed his travels, I don't know. However, I suspect that would be today no longer possible, where it is no longer possible to keep the material it gathered.
Vavilov laid the foundation stone for the oldest and world's third largest collection of crop seeds. A total 330,000 seed samples from all continents store Research Institute of plant industry in the Vavilov named after him. Potatoes from Chile, beans from North America, grain from Ethiopia. Most countries have now similar facilities, but none can it in art and history with the Vavilov Institute record in Pavlovsk.
If before the terrain similar to when the Ferry Liverpool Belfast holiday is, not much to notice of this. From the station there are small buses on the grounds of the Institute. But if you don't know where the site is or how it looks, you can easily feel the pulse by return of post back to drive, because one seems to be increased on the wrong bus to the train station.
An exaggeration would be to refer to the area as unimpressive. Decrepit, low buildings stand on the small cul-de-sac, extinct-acting mini market is at the third sight in operation and those who encounter, look at one, as they had never seen a stranger in their street.

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