Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Bus trip to Izmir

So I cried for help and Linda could give me at once present two students from Izmir via Facebook, who at least ever given to me by the bus. So now I just had to find the bus. The airport itself has an output signposted towards the bus stop. So much for theory. Explore unfortunately I could not. I ran short in the circuit, then to the parking garage where a bus parking was... but unfortunately there just parked coaches. Obviously I was wrong. Determined I marched up.
" Excuse me, do you speak English?"... Shake of the head. But they called me with hand movements to try it anyway. So I grabbed my simplest of English :“Bus stop to Bornova / Izmir.“ They conferred briefly and then meant to me to follow. And accompanied me actually the five minutes to the bus stop. The bus station looked the way, like a billboard behind glass that is so right on the sidewalk in Germany.
At the stop disenchantment which was not as good as with Ferry Cairnryan Belfast kids : The bus must be driven five minutes ago. So I sat down discouraged. A coach drove up, I glanced up - and could not believe my eyes: That was the bus to Izmir! Now the next sticking point. So I got in my pocket and said to the driver :“. Metro Bornova / Izmir“
He nodded, showed me five fingers ( probably corresponded to five Turkish Lira ) and then pointed to my luggage and in another corner. I do not understand. While I stood there with my full bag in the little door, by the way people got out through the same door. I hardly knew where to go and what the driver wanted to tell me, I already did not know. So I tried to pull my bag down the aisle, but could not get to the seats. A flight attendant from Lufthansa who also sat on the bus, then I could finally say thank God, what the driver was trying to tell me in the beginning.
The luggage could be stored at the entrance like in Crossing Ferry Cairnryan Larne . I put my bag that is to another and looked for a seat all double seats were occupied by one person. I wanted to put my grade, then I remembered that I had read several times that women do not usually sat in intercity buses alongside men. I had no idea if that is so common in buses, but in any case, I went as a precaution but still a further row of seats and sat next to a woman.
The announcements in the bus were long. Put that case, it was this actually also known as the following stations, I could not have filter out. But ever the bus stopped before he had departed twenty kilometers to the city only at another stop. There are actually some got out and which helped the bus driver then take out the luggage. I dreamed myself so through the area, as my seatmate was suddenly on the driver.
I have been quite confused... had suddenly my bag in his hand and was about to give out! I sprinted to the front and he tries to somehow show that it is mine. Bag came back to her corner. I looked at the woman grateful. Say thank you, unfortunately I could not.

Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Walking to La Faba

This route is described as not very pleasant to walk in the guide. We liked it not very loaded. From the road, the route is separated by a concrete barrier. Traffic was not even there, just next door on the highway. In addition, the floor is painted yellow and helps the pilgrims on the right track to stay. After two hours we had breakfast in Trabadelo in a Trucker Treff. For the first time we have treated ourselves to something good : Toasted bread as toast, ham and two fried eggs. Delicious and invigorating for the following way.
It continued, along the river in the slowly warming sun. Around 1200 clock I packed the leg warmers and a warm sweater. The first noticeable inclines we had brought from 13.00 clock behind us and have subsequently spent in La Faba with sweet cakes and CCL a break. The paths to this point were not the best. At the time of the early pilgrims, the patch was perhaps even more special. And for us spoiled, modern pilgrims, it is not always pleasant.
From La Faba only four km to O Cebreiro were reported to us. The had it but in itself. Luckily made with the temperatures. The slopes were already really steep, but also offered in retrospect always beautiful views. Shortly before Cebreiro then is the first indication of stone and marked every 500 meters the distance to Santiago. From the Galician border is still 152.5 km.
At 14.30 clock we were in Cebreiro and Rolf which I have seen in a 2016 Ferry Belfast Cairnryan commercial have sent a text message home so he informed the hiking group. We then placed us at the agreed time before the green cylinder container in the detection range of the camera and had a few text messages and phone call to the final notice that the images are on the road for about four minutes on a server and the network. So nothing to do with the live image. But the hiking group has seen us and that's the main thing.
In the community hostel we have set ourselves and went to the nearby Taberna to celebrate by running beer and diary. Martin and Ronny came and asked us how they would have to order cakes! We then looked at the village. The stone houses were until a few years to forfeit all empty and threatened. The district government has then rehabilitated with the help of youth projects almost everything and the people encouraged to come back. Tourist it has become a center of attraction. We stayed in a Tienda, which is only accessible via a gift shop which had a Ferry Belfast Liverpool car prospect, nor a chorizo and a bottle of wine for dinner bought. We have to take it because of the absence of kitchen equipment in the Taberna.
The Galician hostels are all equipped with kitchens, but have no pots and pans etc. This means that you can eat on the last 150 km, only in the taverns or restaurants. There was a rich delicious Salt and Chuleta con patatas. The Chuleta were two natural fried pork chop with potatoes. It was quite good, as we had long eaten meat. Then we sat in the empty kitchen of the hostel with Ronny and Martin even a little. To conclude with the words of Emil the day : "We are to Halbig Teeth in the sack.

Sonntag, 19. April 2015

Adventure Holidays in Tunisia

Our first holiday in Egypt was a spontaneous decision to a last minute holiday ; Only 8 days before our departure we discovered during a stroll through the city an offer for remaining seats in a 2-week package holiday to Hurghada, the aushing at a the local travel agencies. In view of the favorable offer, we threw our plans for a vacation home in ruins, and booked the travel spot.
8 days later we were in the morning of our trip. The flight in the flier lasted scarce four hours we also included a good lunch on board. When we arrived we expected 32 ° C and even the driver of the air-conditioned minibus that took us to our hotel. The whole hotel area was picturesque and beautiful was always kept clean and tidy by the number of employees.
Breakfast and evening buffet were excellent like new Ferry Dublin Holyhead . Any excursions, for example, in the cities of Luxor, Cairo and Sinai were not included and have tasted neat, small trips and activities in the area, however, were a not so expensive alternative. All in all we had a wonderful holiday, even though it was quite expensive due to additional costs such as lunch outside at half board and various excursions in the end.
However, we had fallen in love on the day of arrival in Hurghada already completely in the country and decided before the return trip to Germany that we would come back the following year. Since the objective now already it was clear, I also started a few weeks later to look for travel to Hurghada out and was very surprised.
The trips offered for early booking to our destination included both full board and excursions. Because of the generous discount for early bird pricing for these travel - minute deal was not significantly higher than our last last year, but saved us through the extras contained an enormous part of the additional costs.
Also on our second visit Hurghada everything was to our complete satisfaction, since we guesting at least once a year in the Nile Valley. From time to time we discover on the internet also affordable last minute deals, eg by cancellation leftover travel, as then comes to a sudden desire to travel and so be of a holiday in fast times two. Who knows when and where he would like to travel, you should definitely take advantage of the often given for early booking discount travel, it can pay off. Those who prefer to travel spontaneously, for the last minute is the optimal solution.
But right there you should definitely compare the prices with Ferry Dublin to Belfast and different suppliers to not unnecessarily much to pay. In particular, rest places, which are often caused by cancellations must be sold promptly and hefty discount. Especially undecided as we were previously able to, can also be inspired by such an offer and you will eventually find their favorite holiday destination. Out and look at once in the local travel agencies or at trusted travel agencies on the Internet and then to compare, rather than to book the first offer is therefore generally recommended.

Montag, 13. April 2015

First month in Poland

In the evening, the absolute highlight. I am again with Anna and Hanna above (maybe I summarize the two soon together as (H ) Anna. The also need help for the internet and here comes the Sven. And Sven brings the thing actually working. And indeed he is then also still with me down and brings Kasia and my internet for the course. Anna has to exchange money, I just want to town. Your buddy Asia brings us to the main train station and then tells us how to get to the old town. Anna and me walk but first by“ Zloty Tarasy“ - a shopping center. It's incredible, can exist in one spot how many stores. A paradise for every woman! And finally I get my first pierogi... wow... Poland is already beautiful. At the same time Anna and I finished but already again. Warsaw creates one, and it all feels so incredibly strange to.
Now in the old town. Asia has us really explains where we have to go. Hmmm... you need to know: In Warsaw there is a really glaring at the main station underground system with lots of small shops and outputs. And how could it be... Anna and I did not find the exit. We then take one of the many. Unfortunately we are now out there and still have no idea where we have to go.
Anna's map has to serve similar to Ferry Dover Dunkirk schedule. Granted... the best city plan gutters understand we are not. We finally have the hang of it. And start running. It is relatively cold today. Anna is not well again. You can tell right that she has it all differently. I've actually already presented it to me something like that. Just that I would feel so terribly strange here... I had not expected.
On the way then comes the question: Why do we run into the old town? First, it determines also the tram and secondly, why at all? What for? The not going anywhere, maybe we should first take care of pots and such stuff. But where the hell do you get really pots? In Berlin, we would go to Ikea or the one-euro - shop.
But where in Warsaw? Anna and I break down the aisle to the old town and make our way back to the Carrefour in Zloty Tarasy like on Ferry Dover Calais discount. We also find the tram and then we find the entrance to the underground system. Only the correct output, we do not find, unfortunately. So we leave the ground again to orient us in the air. Cross- over, we see the mall. Pedestrian traffic lights there are not, the pedestrian underground to find their way. So we beat down halfway the correct direction. After we again come up short, to check our location we also find, in fact, the correct output to the mall.
Once we have now stocked up it goes back to the first Sabinki. Half of the dishes are still missing. And clever as I now have a pot, but nothing I could do inside. And I have a knife, but nothing I could cut or lubricate it. But what is much worse, I'm sitting here in my room and this damn internet still does not work! I want to write my parents that everything is chic. I want to write Nico that everything is chic. I want to apologize to Linda again for the lost Bolero. I want my brother to send a Skype instructions and seek with my sister if her Skype works, but this stupid internet does not want to just run! And no one can tell me why!

Dienstag, 31. März 2015

First time in the cathedral

That night we slept wonderfully quiet to 07:00 clock. Philip did not want to get up and so are Olli and I go for a vegetable at 08.00 clock. As described in the book, there was a steep rise in the first pass. It was cool to go wet and not good. The feet still gave me problems. The additional weight of the rucksack pressed.
Also, additional patch on the problem areas brought no relief. I was thinking about buying new shoes at the earliest opportunity. The attenuation of the Meindl shoes could be a little better, or the outsole would be firmer and protect against the pressure of small stones. Throughout the day it got a bit better. After a pause, the start was always very tedious.
At 09.00 clock we were in Azofra and had breakfast. Dos CCL, una pequeno bocadillo con queso y tomato y una bocadillo pequeno con marmelada. This has been going quite smoothly from the lips and is also understood. But the cheese roll was a baguette. Do not worry. The lady in the bar had a good deal to do, because not only pilgrims had breakfast.
The way was very difficult soggy and mushy. At Rollo de Azofra a funny pilgrim from Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam carhas his old shoes left. Also a kind of disposal option. Santo Domingo de la Calzada Until we had to cope with two passports and additionally the gently undulating landscape. But this was also a very nice environment. In Santo Domingo, the pilgrim character is incorporated even into the street drain.
Once there we went with Peregrino travels with good Ferry Rosslare Cherbourg in the cathedral and looked at the chicken coop. The cock crowed and that is to bring the pilgrims on the way forward luck. Let's see.
At the break we ate tomatoes and bread, talked with Martin, Ronny and Lanette and pulled the leg warmers again. Behind Santo Domingo, the mussels were of gold suddenly to the concrete piers. Each region vies probably the most beautiful pilgrimage characters. Then it was a bit warmer and at times also came out the sun. At about 15:00 clock we were in Granon where we met Andre. He had already reached his daily quota, already checked in and showered. Occupied in the village bar, quite dark and only by old men, we had a CCL and a gift of cake. The hostess was thrilled that we wanted to go further.
The limit of Rioja at the Uni Burgos was announced to us with a sign from afar. After about an hour we met Christian Mühlenthaler. With it, we are the last stretch to Redecilla de Camino gone together. He is a teacher and always goes in stages, in free times from home, Voting village in the Canton of Bern, to Santiago. He had his 56 hiking. During his breaks, even on the road, he paints in addition to his diary entries small watercolor paintings in his book. I have also photographed him with Olli and his image of Redecilla.
After checking into the hostel of the parish there was only cold water for showering. The gas boiler was not designed for the onslaught. The accommodation was but ok. There was a bar in the house, and the night and the dinner offered, was offered by the ladies of the parish donation. We chose our menu and were entered for 19.30 clock. Philip also appeared, and so we agreed with him and Christian on a table.

Montag, 23. März 2015

History trip to the Institute

His name was Nikolai Iwanowitsch Wawilow. Was called, because he's already a little dead. This man had an idea that could lead to that once the world not to starve. He has already saved individual countries, Russia does not belong to. Otherwise you would thank him his merits perhaps more.
Nikolai Wawilow - Vavilov was a biologist. Botanist, to be more precise. His passion was the crops whose seeds he collected and preserved all over the world. To save the world. But how to save the world with hundreds of thousands became filled with plant seeds? In the Ferry Liverpool Dublin discount I read a report about it.
An example. We feed us to the oversized part of only a handful of crops. Four, to be exact. Rice, wheat, soy and corn to feed the world. What is, if something happens to the wheat? What is, if for some reason, dropped the wheat, provides at least nearly 20% of the world's consumed calories? Would that be a problem? Vavilov thought so. And began to collect. Not just wheat. All staple crops, which he finds could.
On all five continents. He was a son of wealthy parents could pay perhaps himself his travels Maybe there was also a higher science budget with more travel resources to his times. How he financed his travels, I don't know. However, I suspect that would be today no longer possible, where it is no longer possible to keep the material it gathered.
Vavilov laid the foundation stone for the oldest and world's third largest collection of crop seeds. A total 330,000 seed samples from all continents store Research Institute of plant industry in the Vavilov named after him. Potatoes from Chile, beans from North America, grain from Ethiopia. Most countries have now similar facilities, but none can it in art and history with the Vavilov Institute record in Pavlovsk.
If before the terrain similar to when the Ferry Liverpool Belfast holiday is, not much to notice of this. From the station there are small buses on the grounds of the Institute. But if you don't know where the site is or how it looks, you can easily feel the pulse by return of post back to drive, because one seems to be increased on the wrong bus to the train station.
An exaggeration would be to refer to the area as unimpressive. Decrepit, low buildings stand on the small cul-de-sac, extinct-acting mini market is at the third sight in operation and those who encounter, look at one, as they had never seen a stranger in their street.

Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Badminton Tournament in Australia

On Monday came again to say goodbye. After I had taken and passed Io for international Airport, I made my way to the domestic airport. Since my flight did not start until 21:50, I still had enough time to read and listen to music - too much time. In Brisbane arrived, I went in search of a place to sleep, there in the night drove no more trains. So I ended up next to a vending machine on the gray floor in the airport. Not exactly convenient, but something was Schalf but indulged me. After a 2 hour trip I arrived Tuesday morning but then on the Sunshine Coast on - almost today.
The next two weeks are probably quite a learning - intensive, since I have to do some tests, Exams and Reports. Is, however, only went surfing again so my surfboard also know that I 'll be back tomorrow. But I hope that I will still find enough time to write regular posts for the blog.
Today is the best day for a long time like it was 2 years ago on new Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland and fortunately I have free and all my university stuff already done. Now I was already 2 hours at the pool and was already running, I will bring you up to date times now. On Saturday we took a tour of the university to Noosa. First, there was a 2-hour hike around the national park of Noosa an.Am beach and through the woods we went along the coast ; On the one hand you could admire the sea and the rocks and on the other hand, the impressive flora ( good choice of words ). The closer we nourished ourselves of the city, the more surfers came to meet us. The whole coast along there was sensational surf spots and the waves were almost perfectly due to a cyclone off the coast.
The boys had it all pretty crass it and refused to be particularly impressed by the rocks on the coast. Some even waited for a pause between the waves sets and jumped off the rocks into the water. In Noosa arrived waited a bit overcrowded and overpriced coastal town on us. Not for nothing Noosa is also often compared to Monaco. Furthermore, additional tourists were attracted by the taking place on the weekend surf contest. Overall, the trip was definitely worth it.
On Sunday stood at a badminton tournament like on the Ferry Holyhead Dublin discount trip. My doubles partner, an approximately 35- year-old musician who picked me up at 8 clock in the morning and we went to the hall in Nambour. The hall is pretty cool, because there is only badminton courts and everything else is focused on badminton. Since a mixed player has been searched yet I signed up also kurzfirstig even for mixed tournament at. My partner was an older Asian lady who did not make at first glance the best impression on the field.
But while the first game I noticed directly that she had a lot of experience and few good punches it had. So we won all our group games, even when we last had two match points against us. Also in the finale we kept in the 3rd set the upper hand and so we won at the end of the mixed field and I $ 30. In doubles, unfortunately we lost the first game 30:31. (1 set to 31 - no extension - what are the rules for please ) and also because of the victory in the second group game brought nothing more. Overall, many players from Brisbane and the Gold Coast at the start and also many start Asian players were.