Sonntag, 14. Juni 2015

Bus trip to Izmir

So I cried for help and Linda could give me at once present two students from Izmir via Facebook, who at least ever given to me by the bus. So now I just had to find the bus. The airport itself has an output signposted towards the bus stop. So much for theory. Explore unfortunately I could not. I ran short in the circuit, then to the parking garage where a bus parking was... but unfortunately there just parked coaches. Obviously I was wrong. Determined I marched up.
" Excuse me, do you speak English?"... Shake of the head. But they called me with hand movements to try it anyway. So I grabbed my simplest of English :“Bus stop to Bornova / Izmir.“ They conferred briefly and then meant to me to follow. And accompanied me actually the five minutes to the bus stop. The bus station looked the way, like a billboard behind glass that is so right on the sidewalk in Germany.
At the stop disenchantment which was not as good as with Ferry Cairnryan Belfast kids : The bus must be driven five minutes ago. So I sat down discouraged. A coach drove up, I glanced up - and could not believe my eyes: That was the bus to Izmir! Now the next sticking point. So I got in my pocket and said to the driver :“. Metro Bornova / Izmir“
He nodded, showed me five fingers ( probably corresponded to five Turkish Lira ) and then pointed to my luggage and in another corner. I do not understand. While I stood there with my full bag in the little door, by the way people got out through the same door. I hardly knew where to go and what the driver wanted to tell me, I already did not know. So I tried to pull my bag down the aisle, but could not get to the seats. A flight attendant from Lufthansa who also sat on the bus, then I could finally say thank God, what the driver was trying to tell me in the beginning.
The luggage could be stored at the entrance like in Crossing Ferry Cairnryan Larne . I put my bag that is to another and looked for a seat all double seats were occupied by one person. I wanted to put my grade, then I remembered that I had read several times that women do not usually sat in intercity buses alongside men. I had no idea if that is so common in buses, but in any case, I went as a precaution but still a further row of seats and sat next to a woman.
The announcements in the bus were long. Put that case, it was this actually also known as the following stations, I could not have filter out. But ever the bus stopped before he had departed twenty kilometers to the city only at another stop. There are actually some got out and which helped the bus driver then take out the luggage. I dreamed myself so through the area, as my seatmate was suddenly on the driver.
I have been quite confused... had suddenly my bag in his hand and was about to give out! I sprinted to the front and he tries to somehow show that it is mine. Bag came back to her corner. I looked at the woman grateful. Say thank you, unfortunately I could not.

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