Samstag, 16. Mai 2015

Walking to La Faba

This route is described as not very pleasant to walk in the guide. We liked it not very loaded. From the road, the route is separated by a concrete barrier. Traffic was not even there, just next door on the highway. In addition, the floor is painted yellow and helps the pilgrims on the right track to stay. After two hours we had breakfast in Trabadelo in a Trucker Treff. For the first time we have treated ourselves to something good : Toasted bread as toast, ham and two fried eggs. Delicious and invigorating for the following way.
It continued, along the river in the slowly warming sun. Around 1200 clock I packed the leg warmers and a warm sweater. The first noticeable inclines we had brought from 13.00 clock behind us and have subsequently spent in La Faba with sweet cakes and CCL a break. The paths to this point were not the best. At the time of the early pilgrims, the patch was perhaps even more special. And for us spoiled, modern pilgrims, it is not always pleasant.
From La Faba only four km to O Cebreiro were reported to us. The had it but in itself. Luckily made with the temperatures. The slopes were already really steep, but also offered in retrospect always beautiful views. Shortly before Cebreiro then is the first indication of stone and marked every 500 meters the distance to Santiago. From the Galician border is still 152.5 km.
At 14.30 clock we were in Cebreiro and Rolf which I have seen in a 2016 Ferry Belfast Cairnryan commercial have sent a text message home so he informed the hiking group. We then placed us at the agreed time before the green cylinder container in the detection range of the camera and had a few text messages and phone call to the final notice that the images are on the road for about four minutes on a server and the network. So nothing to do with the live image. But the hiking group has seen us and that's the main thing.
In the community hostel we have set ourselves and went to the nearby Taberna to celebrate by running beer and diary. Martin and Ronny came and asked us how they would have to order cakes! We then looked at the village. The stone houses were until a few years to forfeit all empty and threatened. The district government has then rehabilitated with the help of youth projects almost everything and the people encouraged to come back. Tourist it has become a center of attraction. We stayed in a Tienda, which is only accessible via a gift shop which had a Ferry Belfast Liverpool car prospect, nor a chorizo and a bottle of wine for dinner bought. We have to take it because of the absence of kitchen equipment in the Taberna.
The Galician hostels are all equipped with kitchens, but have no pots and pans etc. This means that you can eat on the last 150 km, only in the taverns or restaurants. There was a rich delicious Salt and Chuleta con patatas. The Chuleta were two natural fried pork chop with potatoes. It was quite good, as we had long eaten meat. Then we sat in the empty kitchen of the hostel with Ronny and Martin even a little. To conclude with the words of Emil the day : "We are to Halbig Teeth in the sack.

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