Sonntag, 15. März 2015

Badminton Tournament in Australia

On Monday came again to say goodbye. After I had taken and passed Io for international Airport, I made my way to the domestic airport. Since my flight did not start until 21:50, I still had enough time to read and listen to music - too much time. In Brisbane arrived, I went in search of a place to sleep, there in the night drove no more trains. So I ended up next to a vending machine on the gray floor in the airport. Not exactly convenient, but something was Schalf but indulged me. After a 2 hour trip I arrived Tuesday morning but then on the Sunshine Coast on - almost today.
The next two weeks are probably quite a learning - intensive, since I have to do some tests, Exams and Reports. Is, however, only went surfing again so my surfboard also know that I 'll be back tomorrow. But I hope that I will still find enough time to write regular posts for the blog.
Today is the best day for a long time like it was 2 years ago on new Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland and fortunately I have free and all my university stuff already done. Now I was already 2 hours at the pool and was already running, I will bring you up to date times now. On Saturday we took a tour of the university to Noosa. First, there was a 2-hour hike around the national park of Noosa an.Am beach and through the woods we went along the coast ; On the one hand you could admire the sea and the rocks and on the other hand, the impressive flora ( good choice of words ). The closer we nourished ourselves of the city, the more surfers came to meet us. The whole coast along there was sensational surf spots and the waves were almost perfectly due to a cyclone off the coast.
The boys had it all pretty crass it and refused to be particularly impressed by the rocks on the coast. Some even waited for a pause between the waves sets and jumped off the rocks into the water. In Noosa arrived waited a bit overcrowded and overpriced coastal town on us. Not for nothing Noosa is also often compared to Monaco. Furthermore, additional tourists were attracted by the taking place on the weekend surf contest. Overall, the trip was definitely worth it.
On Sunday stood at a badminton tournament like on the Ferry Holyhead Dublin discount trip. My doubles partner, an approximately 35- year-old musician who picked me up at 8 clock in the morning and we went to the hall in Nambour. The hall is pretty cool, because there is only badminton courts and everything else is focused on badminton. Since a mixed player has been searched yet I signed up also kurzfirstig even for mixed tournament at. My partner was an older Asian lady who did not make at first glance the best impression on the field.
But while the first game I noticed directly that she had a lot of experience and few good punches it had. So we won all our group games, even when we last had two match points against us. Also in the finale we kept in the 3rd set the upper hand and so we won at the end of the mixed field and I $ 30. In doubles, unfortunately we lost the first game 30:31. (1 set to 31 - no extension - what are the rules for please ) and also because of the victory in the second group game brought nothing more. Overall, many players from Brisbane and the Gold Coast at the start and also many start Asian players were.

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